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Hot sexy Nails

Product innovation from MaximumBeauty

The world’s first Portable One Step Nail Gel and Cure Lamp – all in one! 

Salon gels nails at home or on the go

Amazing value for money, many applications from one gel pen

More convenient and less expensive than salon visits for gel nails


Simple and quick to apply!



Your DiamondGelMax Starter Kit contains:


LED UV Portable Curing Lamp

Patented DiamondGelMax One Step Gel    
     (sufficient for several gel treatments for fingers and toes) 

Salon Quality Double Grit Emery Board 180/240 grit

Salon Quality Cuticle Pushers

Luxury carry case






How to use

1) Remove the UV Light Pen from the cap of the Gel Pen

2) Clean the surface, ensuring they are smooth / ridge free and dry

3) File and shape the nail as required

4) Apply a thin layer of gel, working up to but not over the cuticle

5) Switch on the UV Light Pen, holding above the nail 3mm to 5mm

   Cure one nail at a time for between 25 to 30 seconds per nail

   Curing time depends on the thickness of the application, ambient temperature 

   and humidity, amongst other factors

   Curing time depends on the thickness of the application ambient temperature and

   humidity amongst other factors

6) Repeat the above until all fingers are gelled to perfection 

   Test also theRecommended Remover for DiamondGelMax




Read This Before Application!

Eponychium (proximal nail fold – the white layer near to the cuticle)

Please ensure that this is removed with the enclosed cuticle pusher

N.B. the presence of this layer will prevent the gel from adhering to your nail

Clean & Dry the nail

DiamondGelMax will only adhere to clean and dry nails

Opening the Gel Pen

Open slowly, with caution, remove and replace the brush slowly for each loading of the brush. Replacing the brush too quickly will force the gel to overflow

Apply only thin layers

Thick layers will require more “curing time” and will not produce a better finish

Unset Gel

Cure with your UV lamp for an additional 20 to 30 seconds

Arched & Long Nails

Ensure the UV lamp is directed all over the nail surface for sufficient time

For long nails, protruding above the finger, treat the edges, and cure, for additional durability

Over Painting

Remove any excess with a cuticle stick* wrapped in a lint free pad*, dip the lint free pad into the Remover*, carefully edge as required. Be careful not to touch the gelled nail (*Supplied in ourRemover Kit)

100% Money Back Guarantee

The manufacturers of DiamondGelMax stand by the things they promise. Guaranteed:


"Try DiamondGelMax for 180 days. If you are not absolutely 100% thrilled with your sexy Nails, simply return the product - no questions asked."

Upon receiving your return we will issue a refund or cancel the invoice

Storage Recommendations:

Keep away from direct sunlight

Keep away from children

Store at circa 16°C / 61°F