DiamondGelMax – Remover Kit
DiamondGelMax – Remover Kit

DiamondGelMax – Remover Kit

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Professional Gel Removal In The Convenience of Your Own Home 

The ultimate gel remover kit!


Your Kit contains:

Finger Clips – x 5 holds the remover loaded pad onto the gelled nail

Remover Fluid – 100ml, kind gentle but powerful,
     contains moisturiser

Lint Free Pads x 50 perfect size and super absorbent to soak up
     the Remover Fluid

Salon Quality Emery Board – 180/240 grit, especially for gelled nails

Salon Quality Cuticle Sticks x 3

Instruction for Use

- Using the 180 grit side of the emery board to file / scratch the surface of the gelled nail,
  this allows the remover fluid to get into action

- Have the Finger Clips ready to use

- Take on of the Lint Free Pads

- Load the pad with a generous amount of Remover Fluid

- Wrap the fluid laden pad around one finger

- Securely fit the Finger Clip to hold the remover pad in place

- Repeat for rest of the fingers of one hand

- Keep the Finger Clips and Lint Free Pads on your nails for approximately 10 mins

- Remove each Finger Clip one at a time and unwrap the Lint Free Cloth, dispose responsibly

- Take another Lint Free Pad and load with Remover Fluid
  wrap this pad around one end of the Cuticle Stick, work into any remaining gel
  especially around the cuticle and edges of the nail

- Your nails are then ready to shape and prepare for a new coat ofDiamondGelMax



100% Money Back Guarantee

The manufacturers of DiamondGelMax – Remover Kit stand by the things they promise. Guaranteed!


"Try DiamondGelMax – Remover Kit for 180 days. If you are not absolutely 100% thrilled with the result, simply return the product - no questions asked."

Upon receiving your return we will issue a refund or cancel the invoice

Storage Recommendations:

Keep away from direct sunlight

Keep away from children

Store at circa 16°C / 61°F